KCR & His Extravaganza


(MS Shanker)

It appears, the KCR led TRS government believes in extravagant Royal splendor. Otherwise, how can one explain the latest purchase of a new luxury car, a Mercedes S-450 at a whopping cost of Rs.1.69 crores for the Governor of the State?

If one has to believe media reports, the General Administration Department has purchased the luxury vehicle following a request made by Raj Bhavan. General Administration Department Secretary Arvinder Singh was present at the time of purchase of the vehicle and it was handed over to the Governor.

Even in 2015, the Telangana Chief Minister, spent Rs.15 crores for   performing a religious ritual called ‘Chandi Maha Yagnam’ aimed to appease the Gods as the State faced drought-like situation due to scanty rainfall.

As if this was not enough, KCR also splurged tax-payers money (reportedly 0ver 100 crores) for constructing a palatial bungalow for himself.

Splurging tax-payers money on foreign trips costing the exchequer crores of rupees is quite common in any Indian state. Also, it is quite common to see our leaders flying in choppers to review drought affected areas or inspecting works.  Whilst travelling on routine trips, they travel in bullet proof SUVs accompanied by several gas guzzlers.

Image result for kcr presenting new mercedes car to governor esl narasimhan

In other words, the State government indulges in extravagant expenditure for the VIPs, but fails dismally to ensure “Fee Reimbursement and scholarships for Telangana’s students” and inadequate financial allocations to all universities and other institutions even to carry out research works or repairs in the students’ hostels.

At the same time, the State government shifts the blame on the central government, quite often, for not allocating demanded budgetary allocations to cover up its shortcomings and failures in various fields.

Not so long ago, the Telangana government expressed its total disappointment with the budget. This, despite allocating Rs.440.51 crores for drinking water projects in arsenic and fluoride affected habitations, Rs.75 crores for the IIT and Rs.10 crores for a tribal university, higher MSP for farmers, Rs 5 lakh per family per year for secondary and tertiary care hospitalization,  among other announcements.

Finally, the responsibility for the purchase of the luxury car has been attributed to the Governor.

Is it not true that the Governor demanded the purchase of a luxury car?

If that is not the case, why the Governor has not returned the car to the State government? What happened to his belief in austerity?

Many also wonder, how he managed to hoodwink even the NDA government, though the gubernatarial post he got was from the erstwhile UPA government, to continue in office? That too even after state bifurcation, heading two states!  Don’t Modi and his NDA allies  have a competent person than ESL in their ranks to replace him, or restrict to head only one state?

Finally, if the Governor believes in austerity and simpleton, shouldn’t he advise the State government to impose a ceiling limit for expenditure on account of purchase of cars?