Jagan asks his partymen to expose Naidu’s misdeeds


Kadapa: YSRCP Chief Jaganmohan Reddy reiterated that his party will not have any tie-up withReiterating that YSR Congress will not tie-up with any political party and will go alone in the ensuing elections, the Party president YS Jagan Mohan Reddy assured that Kadapa Steel plant will come rolling in three years and provide reservations to locals to pep up the employment opportunities.

Addressing the party cadre as part of the Samara Sankharavam here on Thursday, he said, ‘Chandrabbu Naidu has been going on a promising spree only after people gave a thunderous response to our Navaratnas. He went back on all his promises in 2014 and this time he would be doing nothing different.

There is a great deal of responsibility on you to take the cheat-sheet of Chandrababu Naidu to people and tell them as to how he has cheated on them on various counts and how he broke all the promises he made.

Chandrababu Naidu has been trying to delete names our party sympathisers from the voters list and you have to ensure that they are in the right place and make sure that all of them come to the polling booth and vote, he told the party workers.

With the blessings of people after we come to power, tell the electorate on my behalf, that within three months the ground breaking ceremony of Kadapa Steel Plant would be done and it will be commissioned in three years.

We will pass a law to see that locals are given preference in jobs which will be helpful for the youth to get employment which is otherwise being taken away by people of other states. This apart tell the people that the Copycat Chief Minister has been repeating our Navaratnas but he lacks credibility and has never done what he has promised before elections.

Our family always stands by what we say and we will keep our promise, come what may and we have to give back this region a lot for the love and affection shown to our family.

We need not believe Congress which has divided the state undemocratically, TDP which has supported the division, BJP which has went back on Special Category Status (SCS) and Jana Sena which has supported Narendra Modi and Chandrababu Naidu in 2014.  We will fight the 2019 elections on our own and emerge as a force to reckon with, he said.

We will roll-out the welfare measures and ensure that they reach to all sections of the society looking beyond socio-economic and party affiliations. The cheat-sheet of Chadnrababu Naidu should be exposed fully to convey as to how he has changed his stance on various issues time and again and how he moved from one camp to the other for his political gains.

He has institutionalised corruption, nepotism and discriminate governance has been the watchword of his term as all sections of the society went through hardships all the time. Just three months before the elections, he has been on a spree of giving freebies, many of which he or his government cannot implement as the vote on account budget is only a temporary arrangement for the functioning of the government, he said and added that people should be told in detail about his deception.