Hyderabad FC team bus driver ‘assaulted’ by traffic cops


Hyderabad: A day after a bus driver of the Indian Super League team Hyderabad Football Club was allegedly assaulted by traffic police personnel here for “excessive” honking, the Cyberabad Traffic Police on Thursday termed the claims of manhandling by the team as ‘baseless.’

Police said a case was registered for causing noise pollution following “excessive” honking.

The incident happened on Wednesday night after the match between Hyderabad FC and North East United at Gachibowli stadium here after the driver indulged in excessive honking and disturbed and irritated others.

The Hyderabad FC team tweeted on its handle @Hyderabad F.C: “Thebus driver of the Hyderabad FC team was physically assaulted by the traffic police for reasons unknown.

The driver was beaten by the cop in front of the entire team and dragged by police.”

The Hyderabad FC also requested for an immediate enquiry into the incident and made an urgent plea to provide adequate security to the team representing Hyderabad in the ISL.

Reacting to the allegations, the Cyberabad Traffic Police said the facts are bus driver was interposed by Gachibowli Traffic Police onWednesday at 10.28 PM for excessive honking using prohibited air horn, as part of their routine enforcement against heavyvehicles during night time in the IT Corridor in view of road safety.

As part of the process, the driver was asked to provide his driving license and other mandatory details.

Instead of lawfully obeying the instructions of the traffic police on duty, he kept arguing and was causing traffic issues on the main road.

Then, following intervention of other team officials the details were collected and a case was registered for causing noise pollution, the Cyberabad Traffic Police said in a tweet.

In the social media post, Hyderabad FC further said: “We are a professional football club comprising players from the Indian national team as well as 10 foreign nationals.

We strongly condemn this incident which has left the players in a state of shock and stress especially after a tough game.”

It said the players were “absolutely horrified at seeing officials in uniform behave in a manner that was totally uncalled for.”

However, the Cyberabad Traffic Police termed the claims of manhandling and security issues, made by the team as “baseless and far from truth” and advised it to ask its transport agent to obey all the traffic rules.

A senior police official told PTI that no complaint was lodged by the Hyderabad FC team with the Law and Order wing of Cyberabad Police.