Constitution has let us remain united despite several


Puducherry: Chief Justice of Madras High Court Justice Dr A P Sahi on Sunday said in spite of several diversities, regional differences and social and political upheavals India has proved to the world that its constitution has allowed the people to remain united.

In his address at the celebration of 70th Law Day (Constitution Day) organised by Puducherry Bar Association, the Chief Justice said, “our Constitution is the longest written Constitution and has the largest amendments.

However it is a living entity because it is life itself and encompasses every aspect of human life.”

Justice Sahi, who also felicitated senior lawyers on the occasion said, “the Constitution has seen its evolution, application and fall outs during the last seventy years since it was framed.”

Noting that the power of pen was greater, the Chief Justice said this power should however be used very carefully.

“You have heard a lot about instant, instantaneous, quick justice and justice at door steps. But remember whatever is legal that is only just,” he told the gathering of lawyers.

Justice Sahi said the founding fathers of the Constitution took care of doctrine of separation of powers by placing judiciary at a level that was far beyond the legislature and Executive and by placing judiciary at a level like a bastion that no one is able to penetrate.

Judge of the Madras High Court Justice R Sureshkumar (who is the portfolio Judge for Puducherry) and Principal District Judge of Puducherry P Dhanabal were among those who spoke.

Chief Minister V Narayanasamy who was scheduled to preside could not be present at the celebration as he is recuperating after recent knee replacement surgery at a private hospital in Chennai.