Banking System Fraud – what will affect us all!


(Bhandaru Satosh)

While you were busy on FB, Social Media and TV, a few things were happening without your knowledge and more importantly, yourconsent.

No other species on this world other than Human’s have a concept calledMoney!

Much as a windmill converting wind force to electricity, Humans started storing physical exertion to economic store of value – MONEY.

Evolution of Money:

In the ancient times, people used barter system; they gave something they HAD for something they NEEDED. This worked fine for most parts, but soon, people found a drawback to this system. If you had a cow and you had to exchange it for grain, you would have to find a merchant who was willing to pay for the entire cow because you could not break it down into pieces and sell. So it was discovered that we needed some sort of storing our physical assets into something, which was easily exchangeable.

The Egyptians discovered a way to do this; they started trading in Gold, which would be accepted as a medium of exchange for goods and services.

A new system was born – Gold standard! 

Why Gold?It’s rare, found in small quantities, it’s a store of value, it’s got purchasing power, its accepted around the world as a unit of exchange/value.

This system benefited everyone, but it was still the early days of its evolution, and because people used gold of all shapes and sizes, weight and purity, there was still no way of accurately measuring its value.

So, the first traders got together and devised a way of making Gold Coins of same purity, various size and weights, which could be easily divisible, this is how the money as we know was created.

All the goods and services were given a value in gold-based denominations, which made trading easy and comfortable. People could now convert their physical assets into gold/silver for easy exchange for products and services they sought other places.

The birth of IOU or Paper Money – when the system was hijacked by the bankers

Then the bankers came in – they promised to secure peoples assets like Gold and Silver in their safe vaults for a small price, which people readily agreed for the safety of their gold. The bankers then gave receipts for each gold deposit that was made with them. People would use the same IOU’s/receipts instead of carrying gold for trading, this made life even more easy because people could carry paper instead of precious metals for their needs.

Beautiful, so where did it go wrong? 

Someone at the bank thought of a fancy scheme to accelerate their profits, how would they do that? They started issuing more IOU/receipts, then there were, actual Deposits, this is called Fractional Reserve Lending! 

 Fractional Reserve Lending evolved from the opportunity for all bankers to perpetrate fraud. Down through the centuries, under normal circumstances, it has always been observed that only a tiny percentage of depositors will claim their actual wealth at any one time. Thus the temptation is for bankers to “lend” more funds than they actually possess; they are “lending” what does not even exist. This is “fractional-reserve banking” – the ultimate euphemism of banking and fraud.

When your bank lends out money you deposited, which it claims to be “holding” for you as trustee, does it seek your prior authorization before lending out your property and thus putting it at risk? Of course not. The banks get around the naked criminality of their lending operations through general authorization. In the small print of all bank deposit contracts is a clause whereby the depositor “authorizes” the bank to lend out their property to Third Parties.

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We therefore start with a basic fact: “banking” as we know it (bankers taking deposits, and then lending those deposits) is literally institutionalized crime. But “fractional-reserve banking” goes far beyond this original level of criminality.

Not only are banks allowed to lend what they don’t own, they are allowed to lend what they don’t even possess – and by many multiples. “Banking” is institutionalized crime. “Fractional-reserve banking” piles on a systemic and enormous element of fraud by “lending” what does not even exist. But this isn’t even the most shocking aspect of fractional-reserve fraud.

Lets take an example of ICICI, if they had cash deposits of 100 crore’s, they can now issue loans under a reserve ration of 10:1, they can now loan out 1000 crores of loans out of 100 crore deposit.

In this way, you can see that for every 1 Rupee created by RBI, the banking system created another 9 Rupees out of thin air.

If you really want to know if this is possible, there is a simple way to find out, if you have 10 lacs as deposit in your bank and wanted to withdraw all of it, chances are you will never get the cash in your hand, but if you asked them to transfer it to another bank, it will be accepted. This is because banks DO NOT have your cash, they CANNOT give you what they don’t have or have spent already.

This entire scheme is taking the wealth away from the public to the banking system.

This is fraud, if you or I did something like this, we WILL go to Jail, but not for the banksters.

Was this scheme never exposed?

 This was exposed by people who realized that their claim cheques/receipts purchasing power was coming down and they actually wanted their Gold/Solver back, they all made a bid to withdraw their deposits from the banks (Bank-run) and soon realized that the bankers had siphoned off their assets and gave more claim cheques/receipts than actual deposits. They delivered justice as they seemed fit, they Burnt the banks and hung the bankers!

 Why is it important now to understand this?

The Demonetization is not GOING to help the public, and neither can it solve BLACK Money problem, because most of the black money in over seas accounts are not stored in PHYSICAL FORM (Rupees/CASH) but in digital currency.

Ask yourself these questions:

If 3 lac crores went into Swiss banks, did the Reserve Bank print 3 lac crores?

If it printed this, did you know about it?

If it was DIGITAL currency, then why ban 500/1000 RS note?

Who is benefitting from this? ARE YOU?

Why is the purchasing power of your currency going down every year?

Do you know what INFLATION really is?

Money/Gold Vs Currency:

What is a difference?

Money/Gold can’t be printed!

Lets look at closely, a Rupee in your pocket buys the same as a Rupee in my pocket, but since currency is paper and Govt’s and Banks can print this as much as they want, it WILL transfer the value of your currency from you to the banks, a hidden tax that’s levied on you in the form of INFLATION (Inflation is nothing but the purchasing power of your currency going down, not the prices going up)

The reason why the central bankers wont allow Gold Backed currency supply is because GOLD CANT BE PRINTED!

Ask yourself this question, if you had a 100 Rs note that you wanted to buy something in London, chances are, it will be treated as monopoly money or waste paper, and you can’t use it for exchange for any goods or service. However, a gram of Gold in your pocket gets you the same amount of value in India as in UK or anywhere else. That is what is the difference between currency and Gold.