Ayesha parents urge Andhra SIT not to implicate innocent in the murder case


(Online Desk)

The Special Investigation Team (SIT), constituted to re-investigate the sensational B Pharmacy student Ayesha Meera’s murder case, on Sunday recorded the statements of the victim’s father Syed Iqbal Basha and mother Shamshad Begum.

The three members of SIT, headed by Visakhapatnam Range Deputy Inspector General Ch Srikanth and Kadiri DSP Srilakshmi and Intelligence officer Himavathi, reached Tenali around 10 am and questioned Iqbal Basha and Shamshad Begum at their residence and recorded their statements.

During the interaction, the parents explained to the SIT officials the details of the case and the investigation carried out by the Vijayawada police. Iqbal Basha and Shamshad Begum appealed to the SIT team to ensure that innocent persons like Pidatala Satyam Babu should not be made scapegoats if real culprits could not be brought to book.

Satyam Babu was arrested and charged with the murder of Ayesha Meera by Vijayawada police. However, Satyam Babu was acquitted by the High Court for lack of evidence.

“We requested them to punish the real culprits by getting watertight pieces of evidence during their investigation. We also requested SIT not to implicate any innocent persons even if they fail to nail the real killers,” said the parents.

They expressed the confidence that the SIT would render them justice.

“After meeting them (SIT members), we found some solace and our hope of getting justice to my daughter was rekindled. We will support the team and are ready to give information at anytime,” they said.

Shamshad Begum was of the view that interrogation of Padma, warden of the hostel where Ayesha was murdered, her husband Ramakrishna, suspects Koneru Satish and three roommates of my daughter will solve the case.

“If SIT investigates them (suspects in the eyes of the parents) in their style, the case will be solved in one day. We have huge respect for judiciary and we will wait for the truth to prevail,” she said.

She once again expressed her strong reservation over inclusion of Vijayawada police in the SIT.

“Machavaram circle inspector Saherunnisa Begum has been part of the investigation process from day one. We fear that Saherunnisa’s inclusion in the SIT will have negative impact on the re-investigation process.”