Arif Mohammed Khan heckled by UDF legislators in Kerala Assembly


(Online Desk)

Kerala assembly witnessed unprecedented dramatic scenes on Wednesday when Governor Arif Mohammed Khan turned up to deliver the customary policy speech in the budget session of the assembly. When he stepped into the well of the house, Opposition members trooped in and blocked his way.

The Governor accompanied by chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan and Speaker P Sreeramakrishnan had to keep standing in the well of the house for about 10 minutes when opposition members continued their protest shouting ‘go back’ slogans. Later, the watch and ward guards were summoned to make way for him to reach the podium.

The guards made way for the Governor through the protesting opposition legislators using force. This kind of protest was unprecedented and first of its kind in the history of the Kerala assembly. Earlier, the opposition had moved a resolution in the assembly requesting President to recall the Governor from Kerala for his anti-house remarks on Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

The Governor has been criticising the state government and assembly for passing a resolution against the CAA and approaching the Supreme Court to challenge the CAA. The stand-off between the Governor and Opposition reached a flashpoint when he showed up to deliver the policy speech prepared by the state government.