Akkai Padmashali is first transgender to register for marriage in Karnataka


Bengaluru: After saying no to marriage for eight years, Akkai Padmashali has became the first transgender in Karnataka to register for it this month.

“I was reluctant to get married to my beloved who I was living with. I resisted marriage for eight years, but I gave in. I want to face challenges the institution of marriage  throws up,” Akkai told a news agency here.

Both Akkai and Vasu, also a noted transgender activist,got married on January 20 last, but the registration process took a year as her partner had to put together relevant documents.

“I was too busy with various issues on my hand and the registration did not work out as expected,” Akkai, also a  noted transgender activist, said.

On her opinion of live-in relationships as she was in it for eight years, Akkai said it was good,but it was not working out for her, because of her community’s resistance.

“Also, my brother and family also did not like the living-in relationship,” she said.

Asked to choose between the institution of marriage and living-in relationship, Akkai said “I decided to marry, but with conditions. I would be the first person to go public if I become a prey to domestic violence.This I have told Vasu very  clearly.”

Asked whether she feels more secured in marriage than in living-in relationship, she said, “Let us see how it pans out.

For now I am in a state of bliss. However, living-in relationships also have advantages for there is a lot of bonding and trust between the couple, Akkai said.

A staunch believer in humanism, Akkai said she was very happy to invite people from various religions to be at the sub-registrar’s office.

“They were very cooperative and supportive,” she said.