20 men from Telangana cheated with promised jobs in Singapore


(Online Desk)

Around 20 persons from Telangana have filed a complaint with the Chennai police Commissioner’s office that they were cheated after they were promised jobs in a Singapore cruise. Each of them had given  Rs 30,000 to a person on his assurance.

The men had studied in ITI and were lured through alumni and their groups in social media. They were promised jobs in a Singapore-based luxury cruise under different job profiles, such as chefs, helpers, drivers and technicians.

“We got an information from one of our seniors who had passed out of college. He posted a message on WhatsApp groups claiming that a company called ‘Prima technologies’ in Nesapakkam in Chennai is acting as a consultant to get jobs in a Singapore-based luxury cruise. Since we are all from Telangana, we did not know the language and one Karthik, asked us to visit Chennai in January, when he took us for medical check-up in ‘Gulf Medicare’ on Ellis Road,” said S Ahmed, a victim.

The members had allegedly handed over Rs 30,000 to Karthik on the assurance that they would get jobs. Six months after they gave the sum, they did not get any response. They visited the centre at Nesapakkam only to find that they had been cheated.

“Around 30 of us from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, were cheated. Twenty of us formed a group to file a complaint at the commissioner’s office. We lost our cash and gave away our passports during the medical checkup. We visited the place five times last month and the police refused to take the complaint. Only on Saturday did they accept the complaint,” said Rajesh from Telangana.The police are said to have told the members that their passports will be returned soon, but there is no guarantee for getting back the cash.